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SEO: Difficulty levels explained

Modified on: Thu, 1 Jul, 2021 at 5:32 PM

When using the SEO module you may have noticed that issues have been categorized by level of difficulty. The difficulty level indicates the level of technical knowledge or degree of organizational coordination needed to implement recommendations on an issue. Below you will find an explanation of the four different difficulty levels.

Score Difficulty Explanation Depiction
1 Easy Recommendations that could be easily made by a web editor via a CMS. E.g. fixing misspellings, broken links, and filling in empty fields.  One out of four dots colored
2 Moderate Recommendations that may require a webmaster's knowledge of advanced settings in a CMS or scripts to implement. E.g. adding missing fields or alt attributes.
Two out of four dots colored 
3 Moderately difficult Recommendations that require technical knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript and possibly internal coordination within an organization to implement. E.g. editing a template file or similar central changes that might affect the entire site, or decisions on content structure.
Three out of four dots colored 
4 Difficult Recommendations that will require advanced technical knowledge and/or sign-off from management. E.g. adding robots.txt, development work to make site responsive, domain changes, URL structure.
Four out of four dots colored 

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