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How do I know that the Analytics JavaScript is on all of my pages?

Modified on: Tue, 10 Aug, 2021 at 7:33 AM

To make sure that Siteimprove's Analytics JavaScript is on all of your pages to collect data, you can utilize a pre-configured policy in the Policy Library as described below.

Note: You can also use the Google Chrome developer tools to inspect a page's network activity and check if the Siteimprove Analytics code is loading on a specific page.

Using Policy to search for Pages without the Siteimprove Analytics script

To activate the policy, take the below steps:

  1. Select Policy from the main menu

  2. From the sidebar menu, select Policy Library.

  3. Using the search solution, search for: Pages without the Siteimprove Analytics script

  4. Activate the policy by adding it to your policy collection.

    Activating a policy by adding it to your policys using the plus symbol to the right of the policy in the policy library

  5. Select on which site(s) on your account the policy should be activated

  6. Prioritize the policy based on importance. By default, policies are prioritized at a medium level.

  7. Choose if you want the policy do be displayed in other modules of the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform.

  8. Confirm the setup to run the policy

Add Policy options

I'm using Google Tag Manager (GTM) or other tag management (TM) software, what should I do?

If you use TM software, you will need to create your own custom policy to search for pages that do not include the TM script.

1. Select Policy from the main menu

2. Select Policies from the sidebar menu

3. Click on the blue Create policy button

Menu, Policy, Policies, Create Policy

4.Choose the Content policy category

content policy category

5. Add a rule to the policy

6. Select HTML match

HTML match option

7. Use the toggle, and choose Exclude (will appear in the color red). This means that the policy will find pages that do not include the TM script.

8. Insert the script of the tag management software you use.

9. Fill out the necessary information

10. Save your changes. The Policy will now be run across your site(s).

Enter Policy optionsA screenshot showing the steps taken to set up a policy to pages that do not have TM script on them.

Note: Only pages that are included within the crawl will be displayed. Excluded pages (pages exempted from your crawl) will not be shown.

Note: Login/logout pages do not need an Analytics script. If those types of pages are showing as pages without JavaScript, you can assume the script is on all pages.

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