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What are SEO Focus Issues?

Modified on: Mon, 24 Jan, 2022 at 11:09 AM

Focus Issues show users where to direct efforts to optimize a site's content for readability by both search engines and website users. They can be customized to fit your particular knowledge or role, and included in an SEO Activity Plan.

Using Focus Issues, you can focus your SEO efforts on the technical, content, user experience and/or mobile issues that are most important to your organization.

Focus Issues shows the current SEO Score and the SEO Score that can be achieved by addressing the issues selected.

You can manage Focus issues at SEO > Optimize > Issues and Recommendations. 

  1. Click on the Focus issues tab. 
  2. To select issues you'd like to focus click on the button "Manage focus Issues".
  3. Click "Expand all" to see issues that can be added.
  4. Select your Focus issues.
  5. Click on "Save Focus Issues".

Once added you can prioritize issues to be addressed using the following sorting options:

  • Highest Impact: Fixing these issues will raise your SEO score by the most number of points.
  • Quick Wins: Easy-to-fix issues that will add easy points to your score.
  • Number of Occurrences: Issues that occur most frequently. These may be simple fixes in template files.
  • Customized: Use the table header filtering options to sort the issues.

If you have questions regarding your subscription or want to upgrade, please contact your Customer Success Manager directly or submit a ticket.


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