Siteimprove Academy: Two methods to create a new Academy user

Modified on: Tue, 17 May, 2022 at 2:19 PM

There are two scenarios to choose from when you want a new user to take a course in the Academy.

New users who also need to use the Siteimprove Platform

The first method of creating a new user is for a user who will, at some point, need to use the Siteimprove Platform.

This user should be created in the Siteimprove Platform, from the “Manage Users” section, found in the “Settings” Drop down menu.

See this interactive tutorial "How to create a new user" for further information on this (Note: You need to be an administrator and logged into Siteimprove).

Once you have created the users, make sure that they follow the instructions in their Welcome email, and once they log in to Siteimprove, have them make their way to the Academy.

Once they enter the Academy for the first time, from the Siteimprove Platform, an Academy user will be automatically generated, and a single sign-on link will be created between the two systems.


New users who will not need to use the Siteimprove Platform

The second way to create a new Academy user can be done by Academy administrators from within the Academy itself.

This method should only be used for new users who will not need to use the Siteimprove Platform.

To create a single new user, or just a few. Simply select the “Create A User” button from your Admin dashboard in the Academy.


After this, you will see a page where you must fill in information about the new user, such as first name, last name, username and email address. Once you have filled in the required information, select “Add person” or “Add person and then add another” if you wish to add more than one new user.


If you wish to upload a number of new users to the Academy, who will not need access to the Siteimprove Platform, you can make use of the new “bulk” user upload feature.

This option is found from your Admin dashboard by navigating to the “People” tab in your top navigation.

Once there, select “Options” and “Import people in bulk”.


On the following page, you can download a template CSV file which you will need to fill out, with the relevant new user information, and re-upload to that page. Once this is done, simply select the “Next” button to import the new users.

Please note: If users that are created in the Academy, are later added to the Siteimprove Platform as well, they will end up with duplicate Academy users, as accounts are autogenerated from the Platform to allow single sign on to the Academy.

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