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Can I get notified if Siteimprove has planned downtime for system upgrades?

Modified on: Thu, 1 Jul, 2021 at 5:33 PM

Yes, if you subscribe to our Status Page.


Siteimprove has a Status Page where you can find information on scheduled maintenance/upgrades of our tools. If you experience an error when trying to log in to Siteimprove, the Status Page is a good place to check first to troubleshoot the issue.

Siteimprove users are encouraged to subscribe to our Status Page to receive notifications whenever Siteimprove creates or updates an incident. Users can choose to be notified of maintenance or downtime through email, RSS feed, or Atom Feed. Users who are not subscribed to Status Page updates will not receive notifications when Siteimprove completes maintenance or experiences downtime.

The Status Page will show three status codes if maintenance/upgrade is expected:

  • Scheduled: maintenance/upgrade will soon take place

  • In Progress: maintenance/upgrade is currently taking place, downtime or outages might occur

  • Completed: maintenance/upgrade has been completed

Siteimprove_Status_page_showing_subscribe_to_updates_buttonA screenshot of the Siteimprove Status Page.

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