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Analytics: Campaign UTM Presets

Modified on: Tue, 10 Aug, 2021 at 7:33 AM

UTM Presets are pre-configured UTM parameters for use when building UTM links for Campaigns.

UTM Presets can be thought of as a library of UTM parameter values. One benefit of using UTM Presets is that you can avoid typing the value/name pairs repeatedly, therefore reducing the possibility of typos and manual errors when creating UTM links.

The UTM presets can be found at: Analytics > Campaigns > UTM Presets.

Here you can view and add Source Presets, Medium Presets and Source/Medium Preset Groups and pairs.

Source presets

A source can be considered as the location where a link is placed (e.g. newsletter/LinkedIn). We provide several common sources to choose from and give the possibility to add your own.

To add a new source, click on ‘New source preset’ and give your new source a name and description.


Medium presets

The traffic medium on which the link was clicked (e.g. email/social). We provide some typical medium types and again you also have the possibility to add your own.

To add a new medium, click on ‘New medium preset’ and give the new medium a name and description.


Source/Medium Preset Pairs

If you repeatedly use the same source/medium pairs when monitoring campaigns, then using source/medium preset pairs will save you time.

Some common pairs are provided, and you have the possibility to add your own source/medium pairs.

To add a custom source/medium pairs, click on ‘New source/medium pair’ and select the source and medium combinations from the drop-downs.

Note: You can add multiple source/medium pairs under the same pairing name – so you can quickly create numerous UTM links.


Once you've added the pairs and saved the changes, these presets can be used to quickly create UTM links for future campaigns. You can build UTM links during the campaign creation workflow or using the UTM link builder feature independently.

For further information on Campaigns, see “How do I monitor a Campaign using Siteimprove?

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