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Why do I see fewer visits on Visitor engagement than on Campaign UTM links combined?

Modified on: Tue, 10 Aug, 2021 at 7:33 AM

Campaign Details in Analytics shows visit data in a few places including:

  • Visits within the Visitor engagement section,

  • Visits to individual UTM links within the Traffic segments,

See, Analytics > Campaigns > Campaign Monitor > [Select a campaign]> Campaign Details

Visitor engagement shows the total number of visits to the campaign pages, whereas Traffic segments show the visits to each of the individual campaign links.

Adding the number of visits to individual UTM links will not equal the total number of visits, as one visitor can visit multiple campaign pages.

Example: A visitor Joe, clicks a UTM link on social media that leads to landing page A. He then returns to the social media platform only to click another UTM link (for the same campaign) that leads to landing page B. In this case, we would count one visit for each of the UTM links (two in total), but only one visit in total for the campaign.

The screenshots in this article show that Visitor engagements can show 7 visits when the total for the campaign UTM links is 13. This means that some of the 7 visitor sessions visited more than one campaign link.

Visitor_engagement in analytics campaigns

Screenshot of Visitor engagement under Campaign Details in Analytics

Traffic_segments_in_analytics campaigns

Screenshot of UTM link details under Traffic segments on Campaign Details page.

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