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What is the Siteimprove Browser Extension?

Modified on: Tue, 10 Aug, 2021 at 7:33 AM

This article is aimed for users that would like to have a 360° experience with Siteimprove by using Siteimprove’s Browser Extension alongside the Siteimprove platform.

What is the Siteimprove Browser Extension?

The Siteimprove Browser Extension is a Chrome/Firefox plugin that allows you to see page specific DCI® scores and if a CMS deep link is set-up, it also allows you to fix content to improve the scores directly in your CMS during your browser session. This makes it incredibly fast and easy to pick up issues that are page specific or to delegate work based on specific pages.

What do you need to start using the extension?

You will need to download it for your browser, currently we support only Chrome and Firefox.

Download the extension

You'll also find the extension by searching for “Siteimprove Browser Extension” on one of the following links:

After downloading the extension, a small Siteimprove logo should appear in the top right corner of your browser.


How to use the Siteimprove Browser extension?

Clicking on the extension will open a modal requesting you to log in. The extension works on a page-by-page basis. You will need site access in the Siteimprove platform to get information from the Siteimprove Browser Extension for the pages you are examining. All default user roles, except for the “Report recipient“, will be able to view results in the extension. It is site access that determines if a user can see the scores etc for a page.

After logging in with your Siteimprove credentials, the Siteimprove Browser Extension will calculate the score for the page that is currently displayed.

Note: When using the Siteimprove Browser extension always make sure to check pages that are within your Siteimprove account subscription and that you have the correct site access. The URLs must match those found in your website's Siteimprove Pages Inventory.

Walkthrough of features

Now that you got started with the Siteimprove browser extension it’s time to walk you through its features.

  • The "What is DCI" link gives a detailed explanation of the DCI concept.

  • The date the page was last checked is presented along with a "Re-check page" button. allowing you to re-check the current page.

  • 4 components indicate the scores for the particular page.

  • The DCI component links to the Page inspector detailing issues and results for the page.

  • The Accessibility, Quality Assurance, and SEO components link to the corresponding area of the Page Report.

  • The "Open this page in your CMS" link allows you to quickly address any issues. Note: To use this deep-link functionality, the user must have access to your organizations CMS.

  • You can Log out of the browser extension via the username or account name presented.


We hope you will enjoy the 360° Siteimprove experience! For more information on integrations and connectors feel free to check out our integrations page in the Help Center.

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