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Siteimprove Live Analytics

Modified on: Mon, 21 Nov, 2022 at 12:04 PM

Live Analytics is a dynamic visualization of what's happening right now on your website.

Live Analytics data lets you see the real-time impact of campaigns and check whether newly published content is getting attention on your website.

You can catch visitor behavior trends as they emerge with a dynamic view of where current and recent visitors come from, which pages they visit, and more.


Live Analytics includes:

  • Activity Stream: Allows you to view the interactions that users are having with your site in real time. This stream of data can be paused and analyzed as required. The types of interactions are identified with icons and category names such as:
    • Page views
    • Entries
    • Events
    • Campaigns
    • Visitor interactions
    • External referrer
    • Searches
  • Online now: Visitors currently online along with a graph showing visits in the last 30 minutes.
  • Live Heat Map: See the live heat map for pages that have been added to the behavior map feature. Behavior Maps visually chart visitor interactions for a specific page.
  • Popular pages: A list of popular pages visited recently.
  • Locations: A map indicating the location of recent visitors to your website.
  • Active visits: See currently active visits on your website. The table shows the location, organization, page views and time of the last page view.
  • Devices: Devices of visitors currently online along with a graph of devices used in the last 30 minutes.
  • Traffic sources: Shows traffic sources of visitors online now and during the last 30 mins
  • External referring pages: A list of recent external referring pages
  • Internal searches: Details of recent internal searches.


You can reach Live Analytics through the main menu in the Siteimprove platform at Analytics > Live Analytics.

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