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What information does Siteimprove provide in relation to documents?

Modified on: Thu, 31 Mar, 2022 at 2:46 PM

The Siteimprove platform provides a wide variety of information when it comes to documents. In this article we describe the information provided within each module.

Quality Assurance

In QA you are provided with an overview of your documents and their status. The following information can be found:

  • Document type overview.
  • On what pages the document resides.
  • HTTP status.
  • If the documents are internal or external to your website.
  • Documents the crawler didn't see during the last crawl, 7 days ago and 30 days ago.
  • Broken Links in PDFs.

Most of the information listed above can be found in the Siteimprove Inventory.  The Inventory is a valuable feature found in QA which give details on assets found on your website. For further information see the article "What media file types are included in QA Inventory?".


In the Accessibility module, the focus lies on how accessible PDF documents are on your website. For more information on what Siteimprove checks in PDF’s you can read the following article: Accessibility: What does Siteimprove check for in PDFs?

  • PDFs checked for accessibility.


The Policy module focuses on finding documents based on preset rules. This module is useful when it comes to custom searches and defining rules for your website. Learn more in the article Creating policies. The following policies can be set up and customized:

  • Document type
    • Create a policy relating to a specific document type.
  • Document location.
    • Define policies in relation to internally or externally located documents.
  • Document URL
    • Match content in the document URL - look for a specific document type (.csv for example), or a common match within the document URL.
  • Page URL
    • Match content in the page URL - refine a document policy to a specific section of a site or exclude a section of the site from a policy.
  • Document Size
  • URL length
  • Referring pages
    • Define the number of referring pages in relation to documents on your site.
  • HTTP status
    • Define a specific HTTP status that you are interested in or should not be returned for documents on your site.
  • First detected date
    • Create a policy relating to the first time Siteimprove detected a document on your site - Content on your site should always be up-to-date.
  • Last time modified
    • Keep content up to date on your website by creating a policy to identify documents according to when they were last modified.
  • Find PDF document by title

Data Privacy

Using the Data privacy and security module is the best way to find if a document contains personal data. More information can be read here: In which document types does Siteimprove Data Privacy check for Personal Data?

  • Find personal data in documents.


For customers who subscribe to the Analytics module, the following information can be found on documents:

  • Page Views
  • Visits

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