Universal Search and Tracked Search Terms

Modified on: Thu, 1 Jul, 2021 at 5:32 PM

The Universal Search feature searches through the HTML pages, files, embedded files, and metadata of sites included in your Data Privacy subscription.

To learn more on the file formats supported in Universal Search, see "In which document types does Siteimprove Data Privacy check for Personal Data?"

Why did we create Universal Search?

It is a time-consuming task to manually go through all content, for example, when you have to search for a name that should be removed to meet the "Right to be forgotten" or change a sentence in all documents for compliance purposes.

With Universal Search, you can quickly locate the Name or sentence and prioritize where to focus your efforts.

It is possible to filter the search results by site or file type using the drop-down above the search results.

Search Tips

Search operators can be used to make your searches more specific. For example:

  • "John Smith" returns results matching both names together and not results that only contain either "John" or "Smith".

  • John + Smith returns all pages and files that contain both words, but not necessarily right next to each other. (AND operator).

  • John -Smith returns all results matching "John" but not containing the word "Smith".

  • John | Smith returns all pages and files containing John OR Smith.

  • Using an * at the end of a term (e.g. Joh*) will return results starting with Joh e.g. "John" and "Johnston" – it operates as a prefix and not a wildcard.

Note: Search queries must be at least 3 characters long.

Tracked Search Terms

Tracked Search Terms is an extended feature of Universal Search that allows users to monitor search terms – e.g. names or sentences so efforts can be documented and exported for audits or further work.

Here you can track and review occurrences of a search term on your sites, decide whether further actions are needed, and document when those actions have been taken (e.g. removing all occurrences of a name).

The progress and actions taken on tracked search terms can be seen under the tracked search terms menu under Data Privacy > Universal Search.

Universal Search showing the options to filter and the location of the trcked search button below the input field

Universal Search and Tracked Search Terms are features of the Siteimprove Data Privacy module. Find out more in the article "How the Siteimprove Data Privacy module can help you prepare for GDPR".

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