How do I find pages that contain my organization’s telephone number?

Modified on: Fri, 21 Jan, 2022 at 4:55 PM

You can use the Siteimprove Policy feature to find content on your website, for example, your organization’s telephone number. 

Select Policies in the side menu, click Create Policy, and then select the "Content Match".

Here you type in the phone number or content that you are looking for. This policy will then search through all your HTML pages finding the text where that contact number appears. The format of the phone number might not be the same on all pages so it’s a good idea to look for multiple formats within your Policy.

The policy will then search through all your HTML pages identifying text where the contact number appears. 

The Policy Overview tutorial gives a quick tour of our Policy module and the Create your own policy tutorial will guide you through setting up a policy.
Useful tip: You can also get an overview of the phone numbers found on your website under Quality Assurance-> Inventory -> Phone numbers.

Opening the Page drop-down to the right of a phone number displays the pages where the number is found.

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