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What are Funnels?

Modified on: Thu, 16 Jun, 2022 at 12:41 PM

With Siteimprove Funnels, you can now measure, visualize, and understand how visitors follow key steps on your website during a single session.
This allows you to identify visitors’ pain points, improve conversion rates, and optimize content and design.

For example, you might want to analyze how users: sign up for a demo, download a document, or purchase a product.

There are usually several steps that you expect users to take to reach a goal on your website.
The steps will include visits to specific pages and/or website events (e.g. click on a button) along the way.

Note: Events only appear in the step creation process if event tracking has been set up for the site. If a user has group access only then details on pages outside of that group are restricted.

Funnels allow you to track and analyze visitor steps and conversions.

Within minutes, you can define a sequence of steps and receive detailed statistics on advances from one step to the next.

Funnels provide information on the following:

  • Entry sources where visitors come from to start the Funnel.
  • Drop off – where visitors have dropped out of the Funnel.
  • Alternative routes - routes that visitors have taken that are not step-by-step (as you have set them up), but still follow the flow of the Funnel.
  • Backtracked – Percentage of visits that have followed the path and then returned to a previous step.
  • Time to complete - View the fastest/slowest and median time it took to complete the Funnel and how it develops over time.
  • Conversion rate - The percentage of visits that have completed the Funnel and the historic development to identify if the rate is improving or declining.

Adding a Funnel

  1. Go to Analytics > Behavior > Funnels.
  2. Click on "Create Funnel" and give it a name. 
  3. Add two or more steps such as "Pages visited" and/or "Events triggered".
  4. You can test that the Funnel works using "Test Funnel" - this will apply the funnel to last month's data.
  5. Click "Add Funnel".

How do Funnels differ from other features in Analytics? 

Learn more about the difference between Funnels and other features in Analytics that help you analyze visitor behavior.

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