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Campaign monitor feature - get an overview of campaign metrics

Modified on: Tue, 29 Nov, 2022 at 1:14 PM

The Campaign Monitor feature in Analytics provides an overview of important metrics for your campaigns. Here you can view Monitored Campaigns, check your Campaign Calendar, and find Unmonitored UTM Links.

Monitored Campaigns

Monitored campaigns give an overview of all campaigns configured in analytics. The following data is given for each campaign.

  • Campaign name - A display name to identify your campaign - it does not have to match the "utm_campaign" parameter value.
  • UTM campaign - The value of the "utm_campaign" parameter common to all UTM links in a monitored campaign. Note: A Monitored Campaign can only contain one utm_campaign value
  • UTM links - UTM links are URLs that have been tagged with UTM parameters. These help you track how visitors ended up on your site.
  • Visits and percentage of total - The percentage of all visitors to your site during this period who arrived via this campaign.
  • Unique visitors - The number of unique visitors arriving on your site via this campaign.
  • Key Metric completions - The number of key metrics completed by visitors via this campaign during the selected period.
  • Conversion rate - The percentage of all visitors who arrived on your site via this campaign who completed a key metric.
  • Completions value - The total value of key metrics completed by campaign visitors during the selected time period.
  • Campaign start date - The start date of this campaign.
  • Campaign end date - The end date of this campaign.

Campaign Details

Campaign Monitor links to each individual campaign details. Campaign details gives a one-page report that can be used to see how the campaign is performing. It provides statistics relating to Focus Key Metric Visitor Engagement, Return on Investment, Campaign performance, Traffic segments, and Visits Distribution.


The Traffic Segments widget on the Campaign Details page allows you to see which marketing channels are performing best. You can see which source, medium, and UTM links are bringing in the most Key Metric completions and Conversions.


Campaign Calendar

The campaign calendar gives a visual overview of your campaign schedules.


Unmonitored UTM Links

Siteimprove collects data for all UTM links. You can discover campaigns by viewing the UTM links being tracked which aren't currently connected to a monitored campaign. These unmonitored links may have been created in other tools or may be links that you simply haven't had time to create a campaign for. You can easily add these stray links to a new or existing campaign using the "Monitor UTM Link" button.

For further information on campaigns, see “How to monitor a campaign using Siteimprove?”.

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