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How do I add words to the Siteimprove dictionary?

Modified on: Thu, 3 Feb, 2022 at 2:30 PM

In Quality Assurance it's possible for Administrators/Account Owners to upload words to your spelling dictionary. 

You can categorize words as either "Approved" or "Misspelled" while uploading.

This allows users to upload "Approved" product names or other industry terms etc., for a specific site, language, or the entire account. It’s also possible for users to “blocklist” words by classifying them as “Misspellings”.

To following steps outline how to add words to a dictionary:

  • Navigate to Quality Assurance > Spelling > Add Words via the left menu.
  • Choose if words should be added as "Approved" or "Misspelled".
  • Select whether these words should be added for one site or for all sites on the account.
  • Select the languages for which the words should be added.
  • Enter the words via the text input field, separated with a space, tab, or line break.
  • Click on "Add words".

Add words page page in platform

What is the difference between "Add" and "Approve"?

  • "Approve" is reactive: our spellchecker has found an unknown word on your site, and it asks you to either approve the word or mark it as a misspelling.
  • "Add" is proactive: you can add words that you approve of (e.g., product names, people's names, specific technical jargon, etc.) to the spellchecker's dictionary so that it knows what to do if it encounters those words in the future.

Approved words are automatically added to the dictionary for the page, the site, or the account (depending on what you choose when you approve it). In the same way, added words are automatically added as approved or misspelled for the site or the account.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact Siteimprove Technical Support with your request.

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