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How to setup T2M URL shortener integration

Modified on: Thu, 1 Jul, 2021 at 5:33 PM

URL shortener integrations enable Siteimprove to access the URL shortener data. The T2M integration allows you to see data from your URL shortener within the Siteimprove CMS plugin.

The URL shortener integration helps:

  • Give users an overview of digital content assets and their dependencies when managing their digital assets.

  • Check if unpublishing a page will have an impact on short URLs linked to that page.

  • Indicate different usage of the page.

  • Indicate digital assets that may be relevant to another department’s material.

Note: You need to be a Siteimprove Account Owner or Administrator to add the T2M URL shortener integration. You will also need a T2M API key pair (key & secret token). For further information on this see the T2M API documentation

Connect T2M with API

  1. Navigate to Integrations > Integrations Overview from the main menu.

  2. Locate the T2M integration in the URL Shorteners section.

  3. Click on the "Connect " button.URL_shorteners.jpg

  4. Enter a unique name for your T2M.

  5. Enter the Key generated in T2M.

  6. Enter the Secret token generated in T2M.

  7. Click the "Connect to T2M " button.Create_connection_modal_for_T2M

  8. When successful, a notification will be shown to confirm that your T2M account is connected and you will be redirected to the Manage URL shorteners page of the Integrations menu.Manage_URL_Shorteners_page_within_Integrations_Overview

Manage URL Shorteners

Within Manage URL Shorteners it is possible to edit or delete current URL Shortener connections.  When editing the connection you can change the connection name and the access token (authentication key).


Siteimprove CMS plugin

Once you have added the T2M connection, data from your URL shortener will be visible within the Siteimprove CMS plugin. You can then use the plugin to get an overview of all digital content assets and check if unpublishing a page will have an impact on short URLs linked to a page.

URL shortener data can be found in the following two locations within the Siteimprove CMS plugin:

  •  On the page details under the “This page” tab.Page_details_under_the_the_This_page_tab_on_CMS_plugin

  • When viewing the impact of un-publishing a page via the “See Unpublish Impact” button.Viewing_the_impact_of_un-publishing_a_page

Further information on the Siteimprove CMS plugin can be found in the following articles:

Note: Siteimprove is happy to help with questions regarding configuring the integration. Siteimprove does not provide support or product help for the third-party software with which you are connecting.

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