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October 2020 Release Highlights

Modified on: Fri, 7 Oct, 2022 at 11:24 AM

Our monthly release highlights include a brief summary of the top new features of the previous month.

This month’s update includes an exciting change to broken links, as well as an update to Siteimprove Ads, allowing users managing Google Ads campaigns to make changes directly within the Siteimprove Platform.

Confirm or Dismiss Broken Links

In the sub-menu “Broken Links”, you can now choose between three separate categories:

  • Confirmed Broken Links
  • Links to Review
  • Dismissed Links

This change simplifies the previous workflow, providing increased control, and reducing the time spent reviewing false positives. After addressing your confirmed broken links, you can then move on to links needing review, where it’s possible to either confirm or dismiss identified broken links.

In the video below, we quickly introduce the new broken links feature:

Read more in our Help Center article: How to manage broken links – Confirm, Review, Dismiss

Manage Real-time Google Ads Adjustments in Siteimprove

With Siteimprove Ads, you can now effectively manage important Google Ads adjustments. As an example, bids on keywords and ad spend across campaigns can be adjusted directly from Siteimprove. This is all made possible by our newly released real-time push feature.

Read more in our Help Center article: Using Siteimprove Ads to make real-time changes in your Google Ads

HTML-match Policies Made Easy

This new feature lets you quickly create policies in the ‘Getting Started’ wizard based on matches found in a page’s HTML. It’s now easier than ever to set up rules for your websites and set a standard for how you write code across pages.

Read more in the article: Creating policies.

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