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Heat Map

Modified on: Mon, 25 Jul, 2022 at 5:12 PM

Siteimprove's Heat Map is a component of Behavior Map. The Heat Map is a visual overlay that collects click coordinates (or finger touch coordinates on mobile devices) by all visitors on a specific page. The Heat Map maps all visitors' attention by marking the page with colored spots ranging from dark (cold;little attention) to warm (bright; a lot of attention).

Like the other Behavior Map components (Click Map, Scroll Map, Segmentation Map) Heat Maps can be used in combination with a filter to analyze the specific behavior of individual visitor segments - an example could be to analyze how traffic from social media is engaging with a landing page. For more on creating filters see "Analytics: Filters, Internal Search and Behavior Maps".

Note: The Siteimprove Heat Map is based on click coordinates and finger touch coordinates and not on eye tracking.


A screenshot showing where on Siteimprove's front page visitors pay most attention to (marked in white/yellow) in Siteimprove's Heat Map.

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