How does Siteimprove identify domains associated with my organization?

Modified on: Thu, 1 Jul, 2021 at 5:32 PM

The Data Privacy Module provides an inventory of domains, sub-domains, and IP addresses found to be associated with your organization, along with metadata such as who registered the domain, etc.

Confirmed Domains

We consider sites that have been added to Data Privacy as Confirmed Domains, i.e., belonging to your organization.

Unconfirmed Domains

We then use IP lookup and domain lookup to find related domains. Domains found to have either the same: IP address, Registrant Name, or Registrant Organization Name as an already confirmed domain, will be listed in the Unconfirmed Domains list.

Rejected Domains

Rejected Domains is a list of domains that have previously been rejected from either the confirmed or unconfirmed domain list. When domains are moved from unconfirmed to confirmed we recommend that you use the 'Re-check domain' button to trigger the discovery of other domains associated with your organization. 

Adding Domains

If you do not see a domain that belongs to your organization, you can add the domain using the ‘Add domain’ button at the top of the domain table.

Adding Domains via table

Learn more about the Siteimprove Data Privacy module.

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