Siteimprove Academy: Free courses

Modified on: Thu, 1 Jul, 2021 at 5:32 PM

The Siteimprove Academy is your team's e-learning resource for web accessibility onboarding and training. The Academy offers free courses on web fundamentals such as accessibility, analytics, and SEO.

Courses are self-paced and can be completed at whichever time works best for you – each course is estimated to take about an hour depending on individual learning preferences.


If you are not a Siteimprove customer already, sign up for our FREE course track via a trial subscription by visiting this link:

Click on the "Sign up for free access" button and follow the prompts to begin your free trial. 


If you are a Siteimprove Customer, you already have access to Siteimprove Academy! To get started, simply log in to Siteimprove using your credentials and access the Academy from your dashboard.

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As a valued customer of Siteimprove, you get access to Siteimprove Academy's full catalog of courses for up to 20 users. In addition, you get a designated admin for your Academy Team, who can set up course assignments, generate reports, and more. Our Web Fundamentals learning track will also be available to all your users.

If your organization should need more than 20 users to receive training in Siteimprove Academy, or more customization to fit your learning needs, contact us for more information on these options. We offer additional features such as the ability to create multiple teams for your organization within the Academy, scheduled reporting, the ability to host our courses in your own LMS, as well as some custom course development options.