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Why does the sum of the % of total visits add up to more than 100%?

Modified on: Tue, 21 Sep, 2021 at 3:44 PM

Analytics Page tables give an overview of the activity on each page.
Page tables are found at Analytics > Content > Popular pages/All Pages

The Pages tables include a "Visits | % of total " column for each page.

  • Visits show the number of visits that included a page view on the given page in the selected time period.
  • "% of total" gives the number of visits that included the page as a percentage of the total visits to the site and/or group selected.

A visitor can visit more than one page during a visit to the site, therefore adding up the visits for each page or adding the "% of total" will not provide accurate information.

If a visitor visits both "Page example 1" and "Page example 2" it will count as a visit on both pages individually but only as one visit to the site.

In the example shown below, the correct Total visits to this group of pages is 245 and not the sum of visits to each page, 310. The "% of Total Visits" for "Page example 1" is 49.39% of the Total 245 Visits. Meaning that out of 245 visits to the sites, 49.39% of the visits included (at least) a page view on “Page example 1”.

Therefore the sum of the "% of total" visits for each page can and in most cases will give an inaccurate figure of more than 100%.

TitlePage views% of total Page ViewsVisits% of total Visits
Page example 113537.60%12149.39%
Page example 25615.60%4819.59%
Page example 34311.98%3514.29%
Page example 43810.58%3012.24%
Page example 5277.52%228.98%
Page example 6185.01%166.53%
Page example 7185.01%166.53%
Page example 8113.06%104.08%
Page example 982.23%83.27%
Page example 1041.11%31.22%
Page example 1110.28%10.41%

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