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Accessibility: Working with issue filters

Modified on: Mon, 14 Feb, 2022 at 1:18 PM

Accessible solutions often require different skill sets. Improving accessibility is a cross-disciplinary practice. Siteimprove makes it easy for you to evaluate the list of accessibility issues through a range of filters, empowering you to work and focus on issues relevant to your individual skills, domain knowledge, and preferences. Filters can also be good as a starting point when delegating issues to different team members. They help you to ensure that issues are assigned to those with the knowledge in that area.

The article explains how to take advantage of the filters available under Issues.


Start with the Difficulty level filter to fix issues matching your skill level in regards to technical complexity and accessibility knowledge. You can choose Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert. The difficulty scale is a subjective rating from Siteimprove. It may not correspond with your particular setup and should be considered as an estimation. 

Difficulty filter


With the Responsibility filter, you can easily find issues relevant to your domain competencies. While accessibility issues often require multiple competencies to fix, they can in most cases be linked to a primary competency. Responsibility lets you focus on issues related to Content Writing, Development, UX Design, and Visual Design, so you can start where it makes most sense to your specific domain knowledge.

Responsibility filter

Element type

With the Element type filter, you get a clear overview of how issues are connected to specific components. For example, you can tackle all issues related to forms, and then move on to images. The filter includes all content elements on your site: Forms, Headings, Images, Page layout, Links, Tables, Other.

Element_type filter


The Conformance filter lets you drill down on issues based on conformance level, i.e., WCAG levels (A, AA, AAA) and best practices. If you already have a site target, this filter might not be that important to you but it can help you focus at one conformance level at a time.

We hope you feel well-equipped to jump into the list of accessibility issues with this range of powerful filters. 

conformance_level filter

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