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Welcome to Siteimprove Academy, your solution for online training on topics including web accessibility, analytics, SEO, and more! Based on the Siteimprove team’s expert knowledge and more than 15 years of experience in the field, Academy courses are your greatest ally for creating an inclusive and optimized experience for every site visitor.

We offer scalable learning programs, interactive course content, and actionable outcomes to put your best digital foot forward. Follow this Quick Start guide to get up and running in the Academy in no time!

First things first

Identify who in your organization you want to take part in the Academy. As a Siteimprove customer, you receive 20 complimentary seats as a free gift! Use a table like the below to keep track of the names of the users you’d like to claim the complimentary spots. (Indicate whether the user will be utilizing the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform in their role as this will affect how they access the Academy):

NameEmailSiteimprove Tool User?  Y/N
1.        John Smith
2.        Jane Doe

Account/User Setup

Now that we know who will be using the Academy, the next step is to set up their accounts. This process differs depending on whether the user will also be using the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform.

For Siteimprove Platform users, you (as the admin) can create the user within the Siteimprove platform by going to the Settings dropdown menu and clicking on “Manage Users” - Once you have created the user, they should follow the instructions in their welcome email to sign in to the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform and make their way to the Academy from there. Once they enter the Academy for the first time an Academy user will be automatically generated, and a single sign-on link will be created between the two systems. They should NOT be using an email address and password to be logging into the Academy. See this interactive tutorial on how to create a new user who will use both the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform and the Academy.

If you wish to upload several new users to the Academy, who will not need access to the Siteimprove Platform, you can make use of the “bulk” user upload feature. This option is found from your Admin dashboard by navigating to the “People” tab in your top navigation. Once there, select “Options” and “Import people in bulk”. Download the CSV file, fill it out with the relevant new user information, and re-upload it to the same page. Once done, click Next to import the users.

For Academy-only users, you (as the admin) will create these users from the Academy itself. To create a new user, select the “create a new user” button from the Admin Dashboard in the Academy. These users will need to log in with their username and password from the Academy landing page, much different than the users who access the Academy via the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. See this article on creating new Academy users.
User Roles

There are 3 roles (or access levels) available in the Academy, with the Learner role being the most basic. The roles are:

  • Learner
  • Team Leader
  • Team Admin (Paid Academy accounts only – talk to your Siteimprove rep if applicable)

Most users on your team will be learners – their role is to take courses and learn the material.
Team Leaders can assign courses to those individuals on their team, download team member completion certificates, and run/view reports of their team members’ activity.

Refer to the article "How to generate reports, add new teams, and promote users to admins" for more detailed information on how to grant Team Leader access.


All Academy course offerings are self-paced, interactive presentations that include quizzes and videos to provide an engaging learning experience. You can start and stop your progress at any time and pick up right where you left off. Learners receive a certificate at the completion of each course. Some courses are organized into Learning Paths, which group similar courses together by topic. Learning Paths organize courses to make the course library easier to navigate, as well as seamlessly guide learners from one course to the next in a similar course track.

Click here to see our current list of course offerings.   

Assigning Courses

To assign a course to yourself:

  1. Log in to the Academy (as a customer- once inside the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, click on Help Center and Academy tab and choose the Academy option to be redirected)
  2. Click on the Course Library tab at the top
  3. Select the course or learning path you’d like to begin. This will redirect you to the main course page, which will have a button at the top labeled “Start this course” – click here and it will automatically assign the course to yourself and place it in your to-do list on your learner dashboard.

 Be sure to assign courses to your team(s) or individuals before they log in for the first time. This will ensure they know exactly where to start, instead of being welcomed by an empty dashboard. Set them up for success upon their arrival to help facilitate their learning journey.

Team leaders can also assign courses to their team members, or the entire team, but it must first be assigned to them personally.  See the Siteimprove Help Center article, “Assigning Courses or learning paths to your whole team” or watch this video.


Courses are made up of bite-sized chunks of content called “modules.” Some courses will require you to complete these modules in the order they are listed to appropriately work through the course material. You can see all the modules that make up a course by clicking on the “Modules” tab of the main course page.

Other tabs you will see next to the modules tab on a course’s main page are a “Discussion” tab and a “Reviews” tab. The discussion tab will display any threads of conversation started by learners about that particular course. You can use this section to notify us of any issues with the course or ask a question. The Reviews tab is where you will see previous learners’ ratings of the course, and once you complete the course you will also be able to provide a rating. We encourage you to please rate each course – this helps us know if the content is satisfactory or if we’re missing the mark anywhere. We value your feedback and are always looking for ways to improve. If you loved the course, we like to hear that too!


Upon completion of each course, all learners will receive a certificate. The certificates can be found by clicking on the “Certificates” tab in the top left of the learner dashboard. You will have the option to download the certificate, rate the course, and share your certificate on social media channels.

TIP: COMPLETE A FULL LEARNING PATH! If you complete all courses within the Learning Paths in the Academy, you will receive a special certificate that recognizes your completion of the full course set in the Learning Path! Download the certificate to receive a printable PDF of your achievement and display it proudly.

Team Leaders can view or download certificates for any of the members of their team. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the People tab
  2. Locate the individual in question by scrolling or typing their name into the quick-search bar
  3. Click on the user’s name, and then on the Achievements tab on the top left
  4. You will see the title(s) of the course or learning path completed, an option to download certificate, and the date achieved
  5. Click “Download certificate” to view or print the certificate


Reporting makes it easy for you to see who’s done what on your team. Team leaders and the team admin (most likely you, if you are in charge of setting up the Academy for your organization) can click on the Reports tab from the admin dashboard to start diving into the data on your team’s activity.

Quick Reports

On the right-hand side of the reports page, you will see a section titled “Quick reports”. There are several Quick Reports options, the most popular of which are summarized below:

  • Learning Paths: shows a list of learning paths, user assignments, and completions associated
  • Courses: shows a list of courses and user assignments and completions associated
  • People: Lists all users and courses assigned to individual users, along with individual % completion across the courses to the user

Click on a Quick Report option to be taken to the overview of that quick report. For example, if you need to see how many users have completed “Accessibility Fundamentals for the Web” course, you can select “Courses” from the Quick reports section, and then select that course in the list that appears.  For a video tutorial on how to generate reports, watch this video on generating reports.

You should be all set!

You’ve added users, assigned courses, promoted a team leader or two, and know how to run reports. You are well on your way to becoming a Siteimprove Academy All-Star!

Suggestions & Best Practices

Team Structure – Think about how you’d like to organize your Academy team before getting started. Who in the organization will need training? Who should be team leaders? Which training will they need (role-based training based on their job title, specific courses based on their job functions, all accessibility courses, etc.)? Do you want to create sub-teams (paid feature) for different departments/training groups/roles, or have one big team?

 Assign Courses to team—Familiarize yourself with our Course List to know which courses would be the most helpful for your learners. Click on and expand the information on our website’s Learning Tracks section to see an overview of the course topics, objectives, and average completion time. Once you know which courses you want your team to complete, be sure to assign them to the team/users before the users access the Academy for the first time, so they appear on the learner dashboard as soon as they log in. In the Academy course library, those courses with “Premium” in the name are the ones you have limited seat numbers for (20 seats is the standard), so be mindful of this.

Check on learner progress – Set goals for the learners to complete course work by specific dates. Run reports to check on learner progress and send reminder emails to encourage them to keep on target if no progress is being made. Remind them why the training is important and the benefits it has to the organization if they learn (and implement) the new information gained. We suggest having the learners email their course completion certificate to a designated person as proof of proficiency. Celebrate/congratulate learners who complete coursework as designated. Make learning fun with a friendly office/team competition. There are many ways to get creative and ensure your team is learning and implementing the key concepts from the coursework. Have fun with it!  A proven successful method to implement your training initiative is to introduce the Academy courses in an in-person training session, where the learners go through a course together and can ask questions and interact.

As a best practice, we recommend learners retake relevant courses on an annual basis. This re-certification keeps the knowledge fresh and top of mind, and the team’s skills sharp with any relevant updates. You can request that Siteimprove reset your team’s learning progress at any time if you’d like to utilize this annual re-certification function (don’t worry, you get a new certificate AND keep your old one) – reach out to your account rep for assistance at any time!

Deactivate users as needed – The team admin can deactivate Academy users who have left the team/organization, or who no longer require training for any reason. By deactivating the user, their information will no longer populate when running reports unless you select the option to view inactive learner information also. Deactivating users is a good option if you’d like to maintain their historical learning progress/records but would like to keep the system clean and current with relevant learner information.


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