What IP addresses and user agents are used by Siteimprove?

Modified on: Mon, 10 Jan, 2022 at 2:52 PM

In order to provide additional information for our Siteimprove customers, this page has been created as a reference for IP addresses that are used by Siteimprove to check/crawl your website.

You will also find information on how our crawlers identify themselves when crawling your website. They do this via the so-called user agent string, i.e. an information tag used by web-servers to identify the type of browser or crawler visiting the website.

Below you will find a list of the IP addresses as well as user-agent strings used for each of our services. You can also download a text file containing the IP addresses for use when creating an allow list in your firewall.

Content suite crawler IP addresses and user-agents

Note: This list includes IP addresses and user agents used for the Siteimprove content suite (i.e. Quality Assurance, Accessibility, Policy, and SEO). Crawls run on ports are 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS.

Content suite IP addresses

The following IP addresses are used to crawl and check your website:* (Global - commonly used)* (Global - commonly used) (Global) (Global) (Global) (Global) (Global) (Global) (Global) (Global) (Global) (Global) (USA) (USA) (Australia) (France) (Netherlands) (Japan) (Germany)

*These IP addresses are Siteimprove's most commonly used outgoing crawler IP addresses.

Content suite user agents

User agents can contain full user agent strings and user agent tokens.

Full user agent stringsUser agent tokens
A full user agent string is a full description of the crawler and appears in the request and your website logs. (Note: version changes may occur)A user agent token is used in the "user agent:" line in robots.txt to match a crawler type when writing crawl rules for your site.
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/6.0) SiteCheck-sitecrawl by Siteimprove.comSiteimproveBot-Crawler
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/6.0) LinkCheck by Siteimprove.com

Not applicable




Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/6.0) Image size by Siteimprove.com
CSS Validator: Jigsaw/2.3.0 W3C_CSS_Validator_JFouffa/2.0

Siteimprove Analytics IP addresses

This IP address is used by the Behavior Map Service in Siteimprove Analytics. In many cases, you will not see this in your website logs as it is often behind one of the crawler IP proxies listed above. (Global - Behavior Map Service)

Siteimprove Performance IP addresses

These IP addresses are used for performance monitoring by the Siteimprove Performance product. (USA Midwest + Northeast) (USA South) (USA West) (Western Europe) (Great Britain and Ireland) (Australia) (Japan) (South America) (Northern Europe) (Canada) (Hong Kong)

Siteimprove Response IP addresses

These IP addresses are used for uptime monitoring by the Siteimprove Response Service. (Sydney, Australia) (Sydney, Australia) (Sâo Paulo, Brazil) (Frankfurt, Germany) (Frankfurt, Germany) (Mumbai, India) (South Korea) (South Korea) (Ireland) (Ireland) (Tokyo, Japan) (Singapore) (Singapore) (Virginia, USA) (Virginia, USA) (Oregon, USA) (Oregon, USA) (Northern California) (Northern California)

Response user-agents

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/6.0) Response by Siteimprove.com

Report and email IP addresses

Note: Emails are sent from the domain @siteimprove.com

General email IPs

The following IP addresses are used to send out Siteimprove emails (e.g. welcome emails, forgot password emails, report emails, etc.) but not including the Response alert email IPs. - Receiving emails - Receiving emails - Viewing Dashboard reports linked from email (report.siteimprove.com) - Viewing reports module data linked from emails (reports.siteimprove.com)

Response alert email IPs

The following IP addresses are used to send out Siteimprove Response alert emails only. - Receiving Response emails - Receiving Response emails

Service Hosting IP address

This is the hosting IP address for the Siteimprove Service on the following domains:

  • my2.siteimprove.com - Siteimprove Platform 
  • id.siteimprove.com - Siteimprove login
  • sso2.siteimprove.com - Single Sign-On version 2

Note: Crawling is not carried out from this IP address however this IP address may be required, for example, in a restricted CMS environment when a customer wishes to use the Siteimprove CMS Plugin. 


The following domains should not be blocked when using the services provided by Siteimprove:

  • *.siteimprove.com
  • *.siteimproveanalytics.com
  • *.siteimprove.net
  • *.siteimproveanalytics.io

HTML/CSS validation

HTML/CSS validation checks are performed from the IP:

Text file of IP addresses

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