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How do I add new pages to Siteimprove that have not been checked? (Single Page Check)

Modified on: Wed, 20 Sep, 2023 at 3:01 AM

When new pages are being published, you may want to check them immediately for errors. The Single Page Check feature allows you to enter individual URLs to be checked immediately, giving you results for the page in Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and SEO within minutes. The following article explains how to perform a Single Page Check.

  1. Select Quality Assurance from the main menu
  2. Click Summary from the menu 
  3. Click Single Page Check from the sub-menu
    Menu, Quality Assurance, Summary, Single Page Check
  4. Enter the URL of the page you wish to check
  5. Click Check Page to run the check
    Single Page Check input field

After the page has been checked, you will be able to find details about the page in the Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and SEO services. Clicking on the page title takes you to the Page Report, where potential errors will be identified.


  • Single Page Checks can also be inserted via the CMS Plugin, Siteimprove Ads, and Integration (Marketing Automation).
  • Single Page Check analyzes the HTML of the page and checks all available links on it – it does not crawl any further than that.
  • Page URLs will remain in the Single Page Check tables for a minimum of 30 days as a security measure.
  • Pages may be removed in line with the Clean-up process for Single Page Checks.
  • If a Single Page Check fails, it will be seen as greyed out on the list.
  • To recheck a page, you can use the recheck button or add the URL into the URL bar at the top of the page again.
  • If you encounter issues with pages consistently failing, please review the Site Content Settings article

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