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Siteimprove Incident Response Policy and Criticality Matrix

Modified on: Mon, 24 Jan, 2022 at 3:16 PM

In the event of an interruption of service on the Siteimprove Platform, the customer can reference the following guidelines on what to expect regarding communication during and after an incident.

During an Incident

Once an incident is identified, the Siteimprove Status Page will be updated based on the appropriate Incident Level. The status page will be updated regularly as the incident is investigated. Siteimprove customers are encouraged to subscribe via email to receive updates from the status page. See also: Can I get notified if Siteimprove has planned downtime for system upgrades?

After an Incident

Once an incident has been resolved, the Siteimprove Status Page will be updated accordingly. Based on the severity of the incident, Siteimprove will make an Incident Summary available to all existing Siteimprove customers. A link to this summary will be found on the Status Page. The incident summary itself will be hosted in the Siteimprove Help Center.

Criticality Matrix

Siteimprove follows the below guidelines to determine the severity and appropriate communication. Please note, Siteimprove will only generate an Incident Summary for incidents declared “Urgent” (P1) and “High” (P2) based on the matrix below.  The Incident Summary will be made available within 3 business days.

SeverityDefinitionStatus Page Incident LevelExamplesRCA/Incident Summary


The Siteimprove platform is down and no workaround is immediately available.  A system is not functioning, resulting in the halt of all operations and critical business impact.


  • The platform is unavailable for all users.
  • The crawler is not ingesting data for more than 12 hours.
  • The API is unavailable for use.  



There is significant performance degradation. Users are unable to access one or more modules on the platform. Data ingestion is impacted for one or more modules on the platform.


  • Analytics data not available for more than 12 hours.
  • Intermittent platform unavailability for more than 2 hours.  
  • API intermittently does not recognize authentication.



The functionality of some components is impaired but allows the user to continue using the platform. There is a non-critical loss of functionality. The issue affects some, but not all users. The issue is not always reproducible, or the issue is intermittent.


  • A feature in the QA/Accessibility module is unavailable.
  • Intermittent platform login issues.
  • DCI scores are not updated or are showing incorrect information.



The user is able to use the platform. Some minor problems exist that do not impact the delivery of service. Minor cosmetic issues.



  • The page report renders with inaccurate styling.
  • Policy results are slow to render.
  • Graphs/diagrams are not displaying accurately.


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