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May 2021 Release Highlights

Modified on: Fri, 7 Oct, 2022 at 11:14 AM

Our monthly release highlights include a summary of important new features from the previous month. This month's update includes:

Performance: Core Web Vitals

In order to help you achieve Google's new core metrics, we have added new metrics to the Performance module.  

These new metrics are listed in the Score Breakdown at both the Page Performance and Measurement Results levels. We also provide your current score for each specific metric, as well as the maximum score for that given metric. It's important to note that the maximum scores express the weighting used to calculate the performance score for each page, and are intended to illustrate how each metric weighs into the calculations used by search engines to understand a page’s user experience.

Performance: Core Web Vitals

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Dashboard Widgets

Dashboards can be leveraged for you to easily monitor the data that is most important to you. Administrators and Account Owners can create custom dashboards by adding widgets from different areas of the platform. Two new widgets release this month are Scan History and Scan Highlights

With these Crawler Management widgets, you can easily keep an eye on all your site crawls.

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