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Why is it that after I approve a word identified as a misspelling, it still gets flagged as a misspelling?

Modified on: Tue, 22 Nov, 2022 at 3:09 PM

This happens if someone in your organization has previously marked the word as a misspelling on a page or a site level.

Note: Page spelling decisions overrule decisions made on the site or account level. Site spelling decisions overrule decisions made on an account level.

To approve the word on all pages, you'll first need to undo the page level misspelling decisions for the word.

How to undo a misspelling decision for a page

  1. Go to Quality Assurance > Spelling > Decisions on Spelling,
  2. Find the rows that refer to the word in question, along with the decision type “Marked as misspelling for page”. Tip: It is possible to filter by decision type.
  3. Click on the undo button to the right of the table to undo the page decisions for the word.

Once page decisions have been removed, the site or account level decisions will apply to all pages. Decisions_on_Spellings page in platform

More information on spelling decisions

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