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SEO Credit management FAQ

Modified on: Mon, 30 Aug, 2021 at 8:07 PM

This article provides answers to common questions regarding Siteimprove SEO Credit management.

What is credit management?

Credit management is a Siteimprove SEO Advanced feature that helps create more control over which site are using the credits available. This avoids the situation where one site uses up all the credits.

Credit management can be configured by Administrators and Account owners only.

Why is it useful?

Credit management gives control over how credits are used ensuring all sites in the account have enough credits for their required activity plans. It gathers together all SEO credit-related information in one view.

What can the Credit management system be used for?

The Credit management system can be used to:

  • Analyze SEO credit usage across all sites within an account
  • Allocate or assigning credits to sites
  • Control who and which sites should use SEO credits

How do I allocate credits for a site?

To manage SEO credits:

  1. Go to SEO > SEO settings > Credits Overview.
  2. Select the sites you would like to manage credits for using the check-box on the left.
  3. Select "Manage Credits".
  4. Allocate the credit limit for each site as required. 
  5. "Save" the updated limits.

What information does the credits highlight bar give me?

  • Total credits purchased - Overview of credits in the account, used and unused.
  • Allocated credits in the account - Overview of allocated credits out if the total - used and unused.
  • Unallocated credits in the account - Overview of unallocated credits out in the total - used and unused

Additional information on credits and allocation

  • It is possible to set a credit limit to 0, meaning the site will not be able to use any credits in the account - won’t be able to create any activity plans.
  • When allocating credits, you are allowed to set any number (as long as you don’t allocate more than the number of unallocated credits on the account). But when creating activity plans the number of credits used are always in multiples of ten. Therefore, if a user allocates a number like “2003”, it will not be possible to use three of the credits.
  • Credits do not expire, you can reuse credits back by deleting activity plans and/or unallocating them. And of course, you can always purchase more credits.

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