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Modified on: Mon, 13 Sep, 2021 at 1:59 PM

What is Digital Accessibility? How does Siteimprove fit into your Digital Strategy? Join us for a live webinar, led by one of our Training Specialists. This webinar is intended to educate attendees on Digital Accessibility and provide an overview of the Siteimprove Accessibility module. 

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What if my subscription is already using Accessibility NextGen?

If you have already transitioned to our Accessibility NextGen module, please start by visiting Learn more about Accessibility NextGen. Here are some additional resources to check out once you're up to speed:

How can I tell if my subscription is already using Accessibility NextGen?

Accessibility NextGen has a brand new look at feel! If your view matches the screenshot below, you've already moved on to the latest (and greatest) version of our product.
Screenshot of the Accessibility overview page in the NextGen Accessibility module which highlights the presence of new features.

Accessibility NextGen includes the addition of a "Site Target" and new issue categories of "Issues", "Potential Issues", and "Resolved Issues", making it easy to distinguish from our legacy Accessibility module.