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Siteimprove Analytics cookies

Modified on: Tue, 4 Oct, 2022 at 2:19 PM

The following cookies may be set in your visitor's web browser if you use the Siteimprove Analytics JavaScript on your website.

Cookie name: nmstat

Cookie type: Persistent – expires after 1000 days

Domain: [yourdomain]

About: This cookie is used to help record the visitor’s use of the website.
It is used to collect statistics about site usage such as when the visitor last visited the site.
This information is then used to improve the user experience on the website. This Siteimprove Analytics cookie contains a randomly generated ID used to recognize the browser when a visitor reads a page. The cookie contains no personal information and is used only for web analytics.

It is also used to track the sequence of pages a visitor looks at during a visit to the site. This information can be used to reduce user journeys, and enable visitors to find relevant information quicker.

Note: Some browsers have a maximum expiration time for cookies which can lead to a lower expiration time than the default 1000 days.


Cookie type: Persistent – expires after 7 days

Domain: [accountID]

About: The AWSALB cookie ensures that all page views for the same visit (user session) are sent to the same endpoint. This enables us to determine the sequence of a user's page views needed for features like Behavior Tracking and Funnels.

Cookie name: szcib

Cookie type: Persistent – expires after 400 days

Domain: [yourdomain]

About: This cookie is used to determine if the user has accepted or declined cookies. This cookie is only set if the "Siteimprove Cookie Info Banner" solution is used to manage cookie preferences on the website. While some customers may still use the "Siteimprove Cookie Info Banner", we no longer offer this solution to customers.

Cookie name: sz-feedback-should-hide

Cookie type: Session cookie

Domain: [yourdomain]

About: This cookie is used to hide/close a feedback widget for specific sessions (visits) on the Analytics Feedback feature. It is set when a user clicks a button in the feedback widget which indicates they don't wish to see the widget again. The cookie contains no personal information and is used only for web analytics. It simply contains the text 'true' when it is set.

This is only set if you use the Analytics Feedback feature.

Related Information

Details on cookies used on the Siteimprove website can be found in the "Siteimprove website cookie notice".

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