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What are Performance profiles?

Modified on: Mon, 25 Oct, 2021 at 2:12 PM

Siteimprove Performance offers a range of different regions and device types that can be used as part of the Performance measurements it performs. This also means that whenever you decide to add a page to Performance, a certain set of criteria for the measurement needs to be selected. These criteria are grouped into Performance profiles.

Each profile contains a selection of regions that you’d like to measure from whenever this profile is used, as well as the types of devices you’d like to be simulated for the measurements. Depending on how many different regions and devices you’ve selected, the credits required to schedule measurements using the profile will vary. A greater number of locations and devices means that the profile will require more credits per page added. As always, credits are refunded once the measurements are removed.

Make sure to create profiles that mirror the geographical target groups you’re trying to reach using your web content. This goal becomes much easier to achieve once you have actionable data and insights on how to improve the user experience and speed for that given target group. Performance profile settings page

Changing large groups of pages

As a single Performance profile can be applied across hundreds of pages, this means the quickest way to perform mass changes to the setups of a large number of pages is by altering the profile. Doing so will instantly update the criteria used to measure the pages that have been assigned the edited profile.  

Favorite profiles

Once you’ve added profiles according to your target groups, you can set a favorite profile using the star icons to the left of the profile name. Selecting a favorite profile means this one will be suggested as the default for all users in your account whenever they add pages to Performance.

There are no limits on the number of Performance profiles you can create, and you can always remove the ones you are no longer using by clicking the delete icon to the right of the “Performance profiles settings”-page.showing you can set a favorite profile using the star icons to the left of the profile name.

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