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Siteimprove Frontier course list

Modified on: Mon, 21 Nov, 2022 at 1:56 PM

Siteimprove Frontier is your solution for online training on topics covering Inclusivity, Marketing Performance, Content Experience, and more! Based on the Siteimprove team’s expert knowledge and experience in the field, Frontier courses are your greatest ally for creating an inclusive and optimized experience for every site visitor. 

Here is a list of courses included in Siteimprove Frontier.

Siteimprove Frontier courses
Accessibility for Documents (1hr)
Document Specialist: Certification Prep Course (6-8hrs)
Key Metrics (30mins)
Visitors and Content (30mins)
Accessibility as a Priority in Your Organization (1hr)
Accessibility Auditing Websites for Complaint Resolution (1hr)
Accessibility for Content Contributors (1hr)
Accessibility for Designers (1hr)
Accessibility for Developers – Part 1 (1hr)
Accessibility for Developers – Part 2 (1hr)
Accessibility for Excel (30mins)  
Accessibility for iOS Apps (1.5hrs)
Accessibility for Marketers (1hr)
Accessibility for Marketing Emails (1hr)
Accessibility for Multimedia (1hr)
Accessibility for Outlook (30mins)
Accessibility for PDFs (1hr)
Accessibility for PDFs with InDesign
Accessibility for PowerPoint (30mins)
Accessibility for Purchasing (1hr)
Accessibility for Social Media (1hr)
Accessibility for the Classroom (1hr)
Accessibility for Virtual Classrooms (1hr)
Accessibility for Word (30mins)
Accessibility Fundamentals for the Web (1hr)
Accessibility Testing for the Web (1hr)
Accessibility Testing in your Organization: A Holistic Approach (2hrs)
Accessibility with WCAG 2.1 (30mins)
Analytics Overview and Live Analytics (30mins)
Building a Sustainable SEO Strategy: Backlinks & Measurement
Campaigns (30mins)
Competitor Analysis (30mins)
Content Experience Program Design Certification (2hr)
Content Optimization (30mins)
Data Privacy and GDPR: What You Need to Know (30mins)
Disability Inclusion for the Workplace (30mins)
Entries & Exits and Traffic Sources (30mins)
Evaluating your Website Performance (30mins
Event Tracking (30mins)
Fundamentals of Alt Text (30mins)
Fundamentals of Descriptive Transcripts (30mins)
Getting the Most out of Quality Assurance (1hr)
Inclusivity Program Design Certification (2hr)
Internal Searches and Behavior (30mins)
Keyword Research (30mins)
Leveraging the Accessibility Module (1hr)
Marketing Performance Program Design Certification (2hr)
Maximizing your Return on Ad Spend (30mins)
Overview and Activity Plans (30mins)
SEO & Accessibility (1hr)
SEO & Accessibility: Education Track (1hr)
SEO & Accessibility: Finance Track (1hr)
SEO & Accessibility: Healthcare Track (1hr)
SEO & Accessibility: Standard Track (1hr)
SEO Fundamentals (1hr)
Siteimprove Accessibility: Next Generation (30mins)
Siteimprove Platform Manager Certification (2.5hr)
User Feedback and Analytics Settings (30mins)
Using Policies to Optimize your Website (30mins)
Web Analytics Fundamentals (1hr)

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