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How to generate reports in Siteimprove Frontier

Modified on: Mon, 25 Mar, 2024 at 8:14 PM

Frontier’s Analytics feature makes it easy for you to see your team's course activity

Team leaders/admins can access this information from the Frontier dashboard. If you don't have access, then please contact

To create a report on course activity: 

  1. Log in to the Frontier Dashboard
  2. Go to Analytics > Courses
  3. Set the "Registrations" and "Completions" fields to either "All" or to your desired time frame and click theRegistration dropdown showing where "All" and "Apply" buttons are located "Apply" button from the pop out menu
  4. Here you can view the activity and download a CSV report which can be shared as necessary

To view a team member's course progress

  1. Log in to the Frontier Dashboard
  2. Go to Analytics > Enrollments
  3. Select the "Date" filter and set the "Registered" dates to "All" and click "Apply." Do this as needed for Completion Status, Due Status, Latest Activity, and Certificate Expires and click "Apply Filters"Date Filter showing where "All" and "Apply" as well as the “Apply Filters” buttons are located
  4. Set each of the "Content Domains" to "All" and click "Apply" on each filter before selecting "Apply Filters" as in step 3 above. Do this for the Student Groups filter as well
  5. Search for and/or click on a student’s name
  6. Set the "Enrollments" and "Completed" options, as well as the "Latest Activity" to either "All" or to your desired time frame, and then click "Apply"
  7. Here you can view and download a CSV of the student's activity

Siteimprove Frontier Dashboard showing a students activity, with the CSV button for report downloading circledCommon reasons for not seeing course data you expect:

  • One or more of the fields, such as the "Enrollments" or "Completed" fields, are set to "Last 30 Days" instead of "All" or a different selected time frame
  • The user has not followed the How to log in to your Frontier account process to create their Frontier account
  • The user completed the course in Siteimprove Academy rather than in Frontier. For a report of user completion information from the old Siteimprove Academy LMS, please email

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