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FAQ: Analytics performance improvements (new Analytics database)

Modified on: Wed, 22 Feb, 2023 at 9:19 AM

General information about the feature release

A backend update has happened in the Analytics module of the Siteimprove platform. This has resulted in data requests that took 10+ minutes to fetch, now load in seconds. Additionally, more data can be processed for our largest customers.
The new Analytics pipeline will future-proof the platform to better service websites with high amounts of visitor data while still delivering fast performance.

If you continue reading, you can read some frequently asked questions about the update.    

Why is Siteimprove moving to a new Analytics database?

We are building a faster, more efficient Analytics database based in the cloud. We consider this enhancement a further strengthening of Siteimprove’s security. Learn more in the article:
Information on new Siteimprove Analytics database: Data and security.

The new database will not affect your scheduled report and it will continue to run as normal.

What does the new database mean for my data?

The new database primarily improves load times. This means your tables will load faster and we can process higher amounts of data giving an overall better user experience.

This database will help ensure the scalability, availability, and reliability of Siteimprove Analytics.

Who can use the new database?

When the update of the database is released for your account, all users can view data from the new database. 

What is the data safety in the new database?

The security of your data is our highest priority. Your data is encrypted at all stages and protected in accordance with legislative requirements and industry best practices. We monitor, manage, and log all access to your data.

To learn more about our data security, see the article: Information on new Siteimprove Analytics database: Data and security.

What features are available in the new database?

You can see details of the features in the new database in this article: What features are currently available on the new Analytics database?


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