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New dashboard experience - Widget: Cross Site Accessibility Issues

Modified on: Wed, 22 Feb, 2023 at 9:19 AM

General information about the Q1 launch

We want to make sure that you experience fast and reliable insights to accelerate your collaboration, team efficiency, and overall performance. This is the path towards a faster, more reliable, and more productive Siteimprove than ever.

New Dashboard experience specifics

With our Q1 2023 release, we have added a new dashboard widget that allows accessible issues to be viewed across sites. This new feature will help you to focus your attention where it matters most. 

When you enable this widget on your dashboard, you can see all the accessibility issues in a single view. You get an overview of the total number of issues across sites, and then you can filter the issues by site. 

The Accessibility widget

When the widget is enabled it looks like this:Screenshot of the cross-site Accessibility widget where different features of the widget is highlighted. Most of the features will be explained below
Picture 1: The cross-site Accessibility widget.

Add the widget

The widget is available for all customers, just follow these steps to add it:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and click “Add widget.” 
  2. Find the cross-site widget called "Cross Site Accessibility Issues.”  
  3. Add the widget to the dashboard.
  4. Wait for the widget data to load.

Note that if the loading time is high you can apply filters while loading and reduce the loading time. Screenshots of the above bullets visualizing how to add a widget Picture 2: Adding the the cross-site Accessibility widget.

Filter your view

When you would like to analyze cross-site issues, use filters to narrow down the number of issues across your sites.
Follow these filtering steps:

  1. With the widget added and presented on your screen, click the dropdown menu “Sites.”
  2. Select all the sites you would like to analyze together.
  3. When sites are selected you can apply more filters by using the five additional dropdown menus in the bar.

Note that only sites with accessibility issues will be shown.Screenshots of the filtering steps explained

Picture 3: The filtering steps.

Use the drill-down to prioritize issues

When you would like to fix a particular issue, use the drill-down option on an issue to go to the site, and then to page level where an issue occurs that needs to be fixed. 

  1. Under “Sites” to the very right in the top bar, expand an issue to see the sites where it occurs.
  2. Do the same on a particular site, and then see on page level where the issue occurs. 

Screenshots of the drill-down steps explained

Picture 4: The drill-down steps.

Download the data you have found

When you have filtered and drilled down as desired, you can download the data in a CSV file. 

  1. Click the “CSV” button in any view.
  2. A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer. 

Screenshots of how to download a CSV file

Picture 5: Downloading a CSV file.

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