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May 02, 2023 (Only Early Access) - Accessibility: Distance to target (Accessibility score) – My sites and Widget

Modified on: Fri, 12 May, 2023 at 10:14 AM

Introduction to Early Access

If you specifically have been contacted by Siteimprove regarding this Early Access feature, you have Early Access to a new feature (called Distance to target (Accessibility score) – My sites and Widget) scheduled to be launched as part of the Siteimprove Q2 product launch on May 31st, 2023 (Called Progress Towards Accessibility Goals).
Siteimprove will contact you via email to follow up on your use of the new feature. In the meantime, if you have any feedback related to the new feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Executive at Siteimprove.
You can learn more about the new feature below. 

The problem

“I can’t compare and track my Accessibility progress across sites.”

Because the DCI is a benchmarking score reflecting the overall health of your website, it can be hard to understand how a site is performing in relation to the goals set for that site.

The solution

This Early Access feature helps solve the above-mentioned problem by providing you with a better way to track progress toward content accessibility goals. 

The Early Access release consists of two features, a column called "Points to target" in the My Sites overview, and a widget called "Accessibility site target."

The features explained

Below you can read how the two features can be found and used. 

"Points to target" column

The column called "Points to target" is found in the My Sites overview, and it gives the user an absolute number of points needed to reach a customized goal for specific sites. "Points to target" is calculated by finding the difference between the DCI score and the Site target score. 

To find the "Points to target" column:

  1. In the menu to the left click "Accessibility."
  2. Then click "My Sites."
  3. Choose a site to analyze.
  4. The "Points to target" column is shown to the right of the "Site target" column.

My Sites page where the 'Points to target' can be found.Picture 1: My Sites page where the "Points to target" column can be found.

The column can also be found when grouping sites together. Then the user will get "Points to target" accumulated across more pages in a group that the user has created. 

My Sites page where the 'Points to target' can be found also when grouping pages.Picture 2: My Sites page where the "Points to target" can be found also when grouping pages.

"Accessibility site target" widget

The widget called "Accessibility site target" is found via the dashboard, and it shows the absolute number needed to reach a target, as well as a bar indicator showing the progress. 

How to find the "Accessibility site target" widget:

  1. In the dashboard view click "Add widget."
  2. In the widget overview search for "Accessibility site target."
  3. Choose the widget from the list.
  4. Add the widget by pressing the blue button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Accessibility site target widget which shows points and progress towards a set goal.Picture 3: "Accessibility site target" widget showing points and progress towards a set goal.  


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