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New product offering: Content Analytics (part of the Q2, 2023 launch)

Modified on: Fri, 12 May, 2023 at 1:19 PM

Available from the 31st of May as part of the 2023 Q2 launch.

This new product is part of the Content Experience solution.

What is the new product called Content Analytics about?

When you create, publish, and maintain content it is essential to know what works well and what doesn’t. With the right data, you can see how the content you create attracts and converts your intended audience, which in turn helps you with your strategy and content decisions. 

Introducing Content Analytics. This new product will give you the analytics insights you need directly in the Siteimprove tool. As part of our Content Experience solution, it will help you to: 

  • Ease your day-to-day work by providing useful insights in a tool and within your existing dashboards.
  • Strengthening the content you publish by giving you data to optimize it.

What can Content Analytics do?

With Content Analytics you can:

  • Understand the popularity of your website content and see how each page is trending.
  • Measure and evaluate how your visitors engage with your content.
  • Evaluate how your layouts and designs impact visitor behaviors and interactions.
  • Learn how the content you publish contributes to your website and business goals.

How do I access Content Analytics?

In the Siteimprove Platform, navigate to the new Content Analytics in the menu on the left-hand side. 

Here you will have access to a range of features and capabilities to measure your content performance. 

Overview of the features available in the new Content Analytics product

  • Live Analytics: Activity Stream, Online now, Popular Pages, Locations, Active visits, Devices, Traffic Sources, External Referring Pages, Internal Searches. 
  • Key Metrics: Key Performance Indicators, Key Metrics, and Key Metrics Categories
  • Visitors: Summary, Countries, Organizations, Devices, Operating Systems, Browsers, Screen Resolutions
  • Content: Summary, Most Popular Pages, Least Popular Pages, All Pages, Pages With No Visits, Page Load Time, Navigation Depth, Parameters, Groups
  • Entries and Exits: Summary, Entry and Exit Rates, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Outbound Links, Bounce Rates
  • Traffic Sources: Summary, External Referring Domains, External Referring Pages, Social Media, Search Engines, Direct Traffic
  • Behaviour: Behaviour Maps, Visit Depth, Visit Length, Visits by day of month, Visits by weekdays, Visits by hour of day
  • Event Tracking: Events, Pages with Events, Categories, Actions, Labels
  • User Feedback: Surveys
  • Analytics Settings: Filters

Siteimprove also offers a more advanced Analytics product part of the Marketing Performance solution. You can read more about that product in this Marketing Performance Help Center article (the link opens in a new tab). 

New to Siteimprove? Make sure your account is set up

If you’re new to Siteimprove, your Account Owner will need to set up users, sites, integrations, etc. Check out How to get started as an Account Owner/Administrator of Siteimprove for set-up information.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this product is part of the Q2 2023 launch happening May 31st. More information about the launch will follow. 

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