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May 11th, 2023 - Platform update: Easier and faster 'Add sites' function (available for all markets)

Modified on: Thu, 11 May, 2023 at 2:18 PM

We have improved the way you add sites to your Siteimprove account. so that you can perform the task faster and easier. The function has been available for English-speaking markets since June 2022, but now the function is available for all markets.

What is the new 'Add sites' function about? 

Bulk upload
Adding sites is necessary for Siteimprove to crawl and check the pages on your website. Previously, you had to add sites manually one by one or reach out to us via Customer Support to ask for a bulk upload.
With this release, you can now bulk upload a list of URLs saving you time when you want to add multiple sites at once.

URL validation

We have also started validating each index-URL when sites are added (an index-URL is the starting point for a crawl). This lets us identify potential unsuccessful index-URLs that would lead to failed crawls and prolong your account setup. URL validation helps us save time and avoid unsuccessful crawl attempts. 

With unsuccessful index-URLs you are presented with the associated HTTP status code (e.g. 301, 404, 403, 500), an explanation, and in many cases the possibility to solve the issue. It will often be sufficient to copy the URL into your web browser and see if it loads correctly. If the browser redirects and shows a different URL, then that's the one you should use as index-URL.  

Picture 1: Screenshot of the platform settings section from where you can add sites. The two options for adding sites are highlighted in red: bulk upload or adding sites manually. The “Learn” component is expanded and highlighted in red.

Picture 2: Screenshot of the platform settings section from where you can add sites. A site has been added but the index-URL was unsuccessful. The 301-status code and an explanation to help solve the issue is highlighted in red.  

Why use this new 'Add sites' function?

It provides you with a way more effective process when adding sites, and it should reduce the time spend on this task. Furthermore, it should reduce your need for creating a ticket for Customer Support when you would like to bulk upload sites.

Learn more

Visit the Help Center to learn more about The Siteimprove scan process and How to add a site to your Siteimprove Subscription.

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