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AI Generate™

Modified on: Mon, 13 Nov, 2023 at 3:35 PM

AI Generate™ provides AI-generated content, optimized for discovery and engagement, all within the Siteimprove platform. 

This capability is integrated with the Target Page Optimization workflow. With AI Generate™, you can get instant AI-generated suggestions optimized for specific keywords and other content experience parameters such as readability level, length of the content, writing style, inclusive language, and active voice.


The feature is only available for North American and Australian accounts, and you must be a SEO Advanced or SEO Professional customer to use this capability.

Getting started 

To use Target Page Optimization, you must have set up keyword monitoring for at least one keyword and set a target page for that monitored keyword. If you need help configuring a target page and/or keyword monitoring, we highly recommend the Frontier course Building a Sustainable SEO Strategy: Content Optimization which has step-by-step instructions to do so

Step-by-step instructions 

  1. Navigate to the Target Page Optimization menu for the target page whose content needs refinement.
    screenshot of the target page menu
  2. Click on the “Optimize content” button on the Target Page Optimization section to launch AI Generate™.
    screenshot of the optimize content button
  3. Select the piece of content from the target page that needs to be emphasized for certain keywords. The selected content is highlighted on the right panel. Note the selected text cannot exceed 5,000 characters or ~1,100 words.
    screenshot of highlighted text
  4. Pick the keywords that should be emphasized for that content. Consider using insights from “Keyword monitoring” for those keywords such as search volume, competition, page views in your keyword selection decision.  
    screenshot of keyword picker
  5. Customize the content experience guidelines for the suggestion by clicking “Select AI Parameters”
    1. Readability level: Choose from one of 8 readability levels from the Flesch Kincaid Grade level. You can adjust this based on your target audience. For example, a legal firm may choose a higher readability level versus a B2C website. 
    2. Content length: You can make the suggestions more succinct or elaborate by specifying a target word count or choose one of the preset options 
    3. Inclusive language: Avoid use of potentially sensitive terms from a gender, age, or disability standpoint. 
    4. Writing style: Customize your writing style to match your brand guidelines and target audience. Pick from Neutral, Casual, Formal, Authoritative, Persuasive 
    5. Use active voiceAI Parameters, including Readability level and Writing Style
  6. Click “Optimize” when ready, and suggestions are instantly generated. You can compare suggestions for ideas, and then copy the one you prefer. You can then paste that suggestion to the system you use for team reviews, approvals, and publishing.
    screenshot of optimize button
  7. [Optional but recommended] Annotate the keyword position chart for the keywords you picked in Step 4 with a comment (for e.g. “Copied AI-generated suggestion”). This allows you to monitor impact of the suggestion on page ranking once you apply the suggestions to published content.New annotation section

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