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Funnel Comparison

Modified on: Wed, 28 Feb, 2024 at 4:50 PM

Available from February 28th as part of the Q1 2024 launch. 

How can Funnel Comparison help you?

It can be frustrating to spend hours and hours trying to understand the changes in your funnel after you and your team complete the last round of content optimizations.
Funnel Comparison is a new Siteimprove feature that makes it easy to see what has changed in the funnel and understand the impact on different visitor segments.
Providing you with an overview of the different steps in the funnel and giving you the option to compare the results to a different period, this tool can help determine your conversion rate and what positive trends you can share. 

With Funnel Comparison, you can visualize changes, see the difference in the funnel chart, and view the specific changes between the steps by hovering over the funnel. You can also analyze up to six visitor segments, providing insights into performance during the specified comparison period. This feature enables you to track improvements in paid traffic or to identify decreases in visitors from specific devices or countries.

How to find and use the feature? 

You can enable the feature if you have 'Marketing Analytics'.
To find the Funnel Comparison feature: 

  1. Open the Siteimprove platform
  2. In the main menu to the left, click Marketing Analytics > Behavior > Funnels 
  3. Click on a funnel and the “comparison” tab will be available as displayed below.Screenshot of Funnel Comparison feature within Funnel Details.Picture 1: Funnel Comparison feature within Funnel analysis.
  4. Use the page filters at the top to select the funnel period and/or a segment filter:Screenshot of the Period Picker
  5. Picture 2: You can use the top filters to change the site, time period, and filter segments.
  6. Use the “how did the funnel perform” filter to determine the time period you want to compare the funnel against:Screenshot of more details when choosing a periodPicture 3: The filter allows you to select a period, which will become visible in the funnel chart.
  7. Use the “Performance Breakdown” option to see the performance of up to six segment filters. The breakdown will automatically use the same period as selected before and will show how these segments have changed between the time periods. You can create segment filters optimized for your business. You can read more about it here: In what ways can I filter my Analytics data?Screenshot of the filtering optionPicture 4: List up to six filters and show the change in the number of visitors started and finished, the conversion rate, and avg. time to complete. 

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