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Settings: IP Address Anonymization and Do Not Track

Modified on: Wed, 25 May, 2022 at 5:23 PM

Siteimprove has introduced a visitor privacy page under Analytics settings.

Analytics > Analytics Settings > Privacy > Visitor Privacy

This page contains options for protecting your users’ privacy when it comes to data stored in the Siteimprove Analytics Suite.

Only Account Owners or users that have been given access using a customized user role can change these settings. All Account Owners are notified of the changes by email.

Changes made to visitor privacy settings will affect how data is collected in Analytics.

IP Address Anonymization

You can anonymize the IP addresses of visitors to your sites. Anonymizing the IP addresses of users is a legal requirement in some countries and will be an important consideration when it comes to Data Privacy and GDPR compliance.

Note: Turning on IP anonymization will purge all incoming and historical IP data for that site. This data cannot be recovered. IP Filters will no longer be available. It is possible to exclude traffic from certain IP addresses before anonymization is enabled.

You can turn on IP Anonymization for all current sites (1) or on a site-by-site basis using the toggle button to the right of each site in the table (2).

Once enabled there is a 72-hour delay before IP addresses are anonymized. This allows you to reverse your changes during that period if necessary.

Read more about IP Anonymization and its consequences for Siteimprove Analytics

You can also set default IP anonymization settings for new sites added to the account (3). If this toggle switch is set to “On” it will anonymize the IP addresses of visitors to any sites added to the account in the future.


Do Not Track

The "Do Not Track" browser setting is used by visitors to tell websites that they don’t want their browsing behavior to be tracked.

If you want to respect these “Do Not Track” requests, you can do so by selecting the “On” button on the toggle switch (4). This setting affects all sites on your account.

The result of this change is that Analytics will no longer record visits from visitors who have requested “Do Not Track”. This will result in a drop in the total number of visits across all sites on this account.

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