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How do I know if my website is using WAI-ARIA and what does Siteimprove check for?

Modified on: Tue, 10 Aug, 2021 at 7:33 AM

How do I know if my website is using WAI-ARIA?

If you have anything in your website's HTML code that starts with aria- (e.g. aria-label), or role= (e.g. role="navigation"), you are using WAI-ARIA. These attributes are part of the Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite.

What does Siteimprove check for if my website is using WAI-ARIA?

Siteimprove runs a range of accessibility checks on your website, specifically looking for WAI-ARIA attributes on your pages and whether those attributes have been implemented correctly.

Siteimprove also recognizes WAI-ARIA as a way to pass other accessibility checks that are not directly WAI-ARIA related. For example, the check "Input field is missing a description" can be passed either by using an HTML alt attribute or a WAI-ARIA label, e.g. aria-label.

Will I receive a lot of issues in the Accessibility module if my website is not using WAI-ARIA?

If you don't use WAI-ARIA, you will pass WAI-ARIA checks.

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