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Why is there a difference between the page numbers shown in analytics and the content suite?

Modified on: Tue, 28 Sep, 2021 at 4:48 PM

There can be a difference between the number of pages shown in the Content Suite (i.e. QA, Accessibility, etc.) and in Analytics.

Analytics and Content Suite data are collected in different ways, therefore, comparing page numbers between them is not comparing like with like.

Analytics shows pages that have analytics script loading on the page.
It is possible to exclude parts of the site or to remove duplicate pages.
See “Adding Siteimprove Analytics JavaScript to your website” for more information on the analytics code.

The Content Suite shows pages that have been found by the Siteimprove crawler.
It is possible to exclude parts of the site that you do not want crawled or to remove duplicate pages in settings.
Find out more about how the crawler works here “Siteimprove's Crawler: Frequently Asked Questions".


Here are some examples of why page number differences can appear:

  • An archive section (/archive/) can be excluded from the Content Suite but as the analytics JavaScript code has not been removed. Siteimprove still collect analytics for these pages when visited.
  • Analytics might present data on multiple steps/pages of a form, but as the crawler does not emulate this user activity, the pages are not shown in the content suite.
  • Duplicate pages have been removed from the content suite but not from the analytics suite.
  • The Content Suite can be configured to crawl subdomains separately (e.g.,, are seen as individual sites), whereas visitor traffic can be aggregated onto one analytics site (e.g. on the platform.
  • You may have reached a page number limit for the content suite but this will not affect the page views listed in analytics.

These are just some of the possible reasons for differences in page numbers. If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact Siteimprove Technical Support.

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