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Why can't I add a site to my Siteimprove subscription?

Modified on: Fri, 27 Oct, 2023 at 3:58 AM

Account Owners can add sites to their Siteimprove account.

Go to Settings > Sites > Add site and select Content, and/or Analytics as appropriate.

Note: Problems adding a site can be due to user permission, a site already existing or a URL that cannot be validated

User permissions

Only Account Owners and customized user roles with the "Add site" permissions can add a site.

If you do not have the add site option please contact your Account owner and ask them to create a custom user role with ‘Add site’ permissions for you.

This interactive tutorial shows how to create a customized user role.

When selecting permission for the customized role the Account owner should grant ‘View’ and ‘Allow’ permissions under Site settings as shown below.

Add_site settings

The site already exists on the account

It can be that the site already exists on your account and therefore should not be added again. You can also get this error if you are trying to add a second product (e.g. analytics) to a site that is already in your account. If this is the case then please contact Siteimprove Technical Support with your request.

The URL could not be validated

This could happen if the site is down, redirects elsewhere, doesn't have any links or can't be crawled (e.g. if it's based wholly on JavaScript or frames). To add a JavaScript-based site, please contact Siteimprove Technical Support with details.

Error Code 403

This HTTP status code means that access to the requested resource is forbidden. 

If you see this error, we recommend verifying whether or not the webpage requires you to be logged in to view the content.  

For additional information about this, please see the following articles: 

If the above does not apply, you may need to add our IP address to your server's Allow List. Please contact your IT admin and provide them with the following IP address information:  IP Addresses Siteimprove Uses

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