How to connect Siteimprove Ads to your Google Ads account

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Google Ads is an online advertising platform where advertisers pay to display advertisements within Google’s ad network to users.

Siteimprove Ads helps marketing teams keep their paid search strategy simple and focused. It provides automated audits and practical recommendations for improvements in ads, landing pages, and budgets.

In order to use Siteimprove Ads, you’ll need to connect Siteimprove to your Google Ads account. Users currently using Siteimprove can set up the integration as described below. If you are not currently using Siteimprove and you’d like to have a trial, then you can sign up on the Siteimprove Ads trial page.

Note: When on a trial you are limited to adding one Google Ads account. If you need to add additional Google Ads accounts, please contact your Customer Success representative. 

Connecting Siteimprove Ads to your Google Ads account

  1. Select on Siteimprove Ads on the left menu in the Siteimprove platform.
  2. If a subscription or trial has not already been configured, click “Start your Free Trial”.
    Note: Administrators/Account owners can start a trial immediately. Users can request a trial that needs to be enabled and authorized by their Administrators.
  3. Once the trial is enabled. Click on “Sign into Google”.
  4. Authorize the integration with your Google credentials via the pop-up presented. The authorizing user must have the Administrator role in Google Ads.
  5. When successful, a notification will be shown to confirm that your Google Ads account is connected.
  6. Select the Google Ads accounts that should be included in this integration.
  7. Under the User access column, select the users who require access to each account. The user configuring the integration is given access by default. It is possible to reconfigure these settings at a later stage.
  8. Once you’ve selected the users, click on ‘Import data’.
  9. Siteimprove will import the previous 3 months of data from your Google Ads account. This can take a while, so feel free to close this window and check back later. An email will be sent to the user configuring the settings when the data has been imported.
  10. When complete you will be redirected to the Overview Page of Siteimprove Ads.
  11. In-App tutorials are available in the Platform to introduce you to Google Ads.

How do I edit my Siteimprove Ads account settings?

To edit your Siteimprove Ads account settings go to Ads > Settings > Manage Accounts

Here you can change the accounts that are currently integrated with Siteimprove Ads or disconnect the connection with your Google Ads account.

It is also possible to change the users who have access to Siteimprove Ads under User Access.

Note: User management for Siteimprove Ads is currently independent of the rest of the Siteimprove platform. The Administrator can add user access either during the integration setup or afterward under - Ads > Settings > Manage Accounts > User settings.

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