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What is a group?

Modified on: Thu, 18 Nov, 2021 at 8:58 AM

Groups are used to display information for specific sections of the website. A Group in Siteimprove refers to a selection of pages with a common element in the URL, page title, or a capture tag (e.g. breadcrumb). Groups are especially useful if multiple editors are responsible for different areas of the website.

For example, you can group the following pages together using a URL match, /news/:

Then the person who looks after the "News" content on the website could easily view and get reports for the pages they have responsibility for. 

Group Types

Depending on your Siteimprove configuration and subscription, different types of page groups are available. If you have subscribed to both QA and Analytics you will be presented with the following group types when creating a group:

  • Content and Analytics group – This is the default type when creating groups. Groups created with this option have the advantage of being available in both the content (Quality Assurance, Accessibility, SEO, and Policy) and Analytics modules. These groups can be created based on a URL or page title match.
  • Content only group – This type of group will be available for use within the content modules only, i.e. Quality Assurance, Accessibility, SEO, and Policy. It can be created based on a URL, page title, or content on the page (e.g. HTML capture tag). Using the capture tag option allows users to create groups base on a breadcrumb navigation path.
  • Analytics only group - The group will be available for use within the Analytics module only. It can be created based on a URL, page title, or capture tag. The capture tag option allows users to create groups base on the content on a breadcrumb navigation path.

Identifying your group types

Group types are indicated in the Siteimprove platform by the use of icons and their accompanying tooltips in the group table.

To identify the group types on your site go to Settings > Groups, here you can see the service covered by each group under the Services column.


Creating groups

Note: Only Administrators, Account Owners or a custom role with the Manage groups permission can create/edit groups.

Groups are created under Settings > Groups from the main menu. You can create groups based on different criteria to suit the content on your website.

The following articles explain the different group matches available and how to use them:

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