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What is a Referring page in Quality Assurance (QA)?

Modified on: Mon, 25 Jul, 2022 at 2:09 PM

You can see Referring pages under QA > Inventory > Pages, where you can inspect a page by expanding its "Referring pages" column.

A Referring page is a website page that links to the page you are inspecting. A referring page is in some cases described as the parent and the page it links to is called the child.

QA shows internal referrers, i.e. pages that are part of the same website as the inspected page. They are usually on the same domain. To avoid broken links, you can edit the links on the referring parent pages before removing the child page from the website.

Screenshot of Referring pages in the QA Inventory in the Siteimprove platform

Information on external referring pages in Analytics is available in the article “How are Traffic Sources defined in Analytics?”.

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