Quality Assurance: Broken Links and Misspellings

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The Quality Assurance module empowers you to monitor and fix issues with content quality, content freshness, security, and user experience. This page is intended to teach you the basics, by helping you get started with:

If this is your first time using this feature, we recommend taking a quick tour with our Quality Assurance Overview. You can also reference more ways to learn if you'd prefer to follow along with a webinar, or take a formal course in our Academy.

How do I find and address broken links?

Broken links are links that send visitors to a page that no longer exists. Left unchecked, broken links can have a negative impact on SEO and visitor experience. 

Siteimprove can help you easily identify internal and external broken links across your sites.

Help Center Article: How do I fix a broken link?

In-App Tutorial: How to work with broken links

How to Fix a Broken Link (Video):

How to fix a broken link video.

How do I identify and correct Misspellings?

When you publish a lot of content to the web, spelling mistakes can easily slip under the radar. However, misspelled words have the potential to hurt your credibility and customer trust.

Finding and fixing spelling mistakes is an essential part of maintaining a successful website.

Help Center Article: How do I locate and correct a misspelling?

In-App Tutorial: How to work with the find misspellings page

How to Fix Misspellings (Video):

How to navigate the Siteimprove Page Reports

The Siteimprove Page Report is interactive and takes the guesswork out of addressing issues on your site.

The Page Report uses a snapshot of your actual page to highlight any issues that have been detected, making it easy to identify what needs to be fixed.

A detailed explanation of each issue, as well as instructions on how to fix it.

In-App Tutorial: Navigating the Page Report

How to Navigate Page Reports (Video):

How to work with the Quality Assurance Email Report

The Siteimprove Quality Assurance Email Report, used principally by US, Canada, and Australia customers, delivers the latest results directly to your inbox.

You can use this report to keep track of your progress towards a website free of broken links and misspellings, and dive into the page reports to make improvements.

Help Center Article w/ video: How do I work with the QA email report?

More Ways to Learn

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Getting the Most out of Quality Assurance

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Watch an On-Demand Webinar (Chapter 3 - Quality Assurance)

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