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Why are there already exclusions on my site?

Modified on: Thu, 1 Jul, 2021 at 5:32 PM

When looking at settings on your site, you may see that exclusions have already been added. 

Once you become a customer of Siteimprove, our team will configure your account.
This includes manually checking pages found on your sites and excluding pages that do not require checking.

Examples of pages that may be excluded are:

  • Duplicate Pages (i.e. pages with the same content as a page we already check)

  • Unwanted content as requested by the customer

  • Archived pages

  • Print-friendly pages

  • Sorting options on a website database

  • Sub-domain or sub-sites that should not be included

  • Events Calendars

Excluding unwanted content improves the efficiency of the crawl and reduces the cost of the check.

Your organization’s administrators and account owners can also create and remove exclusions.

To see a list of the exclusions on your website go to Settings > Content > Crawl Settings and select the site.

You can learn more about exclusions in this article.

Menu, Settings, Content, Crawl Settings

Exclude tab showing exclusions


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